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Fullertone Minechem Pvt ltd was established with a vision to match world standards in terms of quality and quantity in order to meet the requirements of Bentonite consuming Industries. As our presence was already there in this line for over 30 years we knew the deeper insights of mining and extracting of Bentonite ore with the best quality mines under our supervision and mining with the right practices and later processing and making one of the best quality products to meet the growing demands of the customers.

Our aim is to meet refiners needs for today and for the future. Since we have been working in bleaching earth manufacturing for over 3 decades we have expanded our range of Fullers earth powder manufacturing in meeting any requirement. It is our commitment to enhance Palm Oil refining,Sun flower oil, ground nut oil , Rice bran oil and a variety of edible oil refining process, with our material we assure the best quality material in the market.

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Our company is managed by experts from this line of business who are experts in picking the right source of mine with the best quality in the area for over 30 years. We have a dedicated team to meet the requirements in bulk and also maintain the standards at par.
We are well eqipped with the state of art factory that can easily meet any requirement for the production of Fullers earth powder and Granular of sizes like 5-20 mm. Fullers earth powder is from our state of the art roller mills and can easily meet demands of any requirement.
As we have been in this field and have been exporting for some time now,we can ship Bulk consignments such as break bulk in Vessel cargo in containers and loose if its Lumps.
Jumbo bags of 1 MTS are easily loaded at our factory into lorries which are later sent to the Indian Port.

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The bleaching stage is one of the most important stages in the refining of edible oils & fats, where its function is to purify, decolorize and impart stability to the refined oil. Although bleaching earth is primarily utilized in the refining non-edible oils, e.g. industrial triglycerides, transformer oil, mineral oils, soap, paraffin and waxes.


Fullers earth powder and Bleaching earth is manufactured from naturally occurring clay. Raw clay deposits are identified by highly-qualified scientists, and clay is only mined after extensive testing and approval procedure Ownership of our own mining company, strategic reserves, ensures continuity of quality and supply,for years to come. We do have reserves for the next 50 years and keep acquiring new mines every year meeting the needs of the industry.


Quality control begins at the mining area, where the desired lumps/raw clay selectively mined, under the watchful eyes of our team of mining specialists who have extensive experience in mining of bentonite mining for over 30 years. Any impurities present are removed, and the quality of the clay verified before dispatch to our factory. The Lumps/raw-clay is protected from contamination during the journey the mine-site to our manufacturing unit.


At our manufacturing unit the lumps/raw clay is processed and developed into a free-flowing powder, granular, granules, with the desired chemical and physical properties. The key properties which we control are bleaching performance,filtration properties and moisture contentrol. Our quality control laboratory is well equipped to measure the properties of our products The testing equipment is of the high standard.


Our technical support laboratory is well equipped, and our experience team of technical experts provides our customers with quality technical support. Fullertone minechem pvt ltd is committed to delivering Fullers earth powder /bleaching earths/ Granular of the highest standard to our providing our customers. We realize that only by continually satisfying the needs of our customers, can we achieve a long term and mutually-beneficial business relationship.


All grades are available in 25kg, Jumbo bags ( 1 METRIC TON/ 900 KGS/ 850 KGS) Our factory is at Tandur mining region which most ideally located to serve both India and the global export markets. All information in this brochure is given in good faith but without any warranty or guarantee of any kind whatsoever, whether implies or expressed.

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Our products include Fullers Earth Granular, Natural Earth ( Fullers Earth ), Activated Bleaching Earth, Carbon Blended Earth and Carbon. Our products are used in refining vegetable oils like Sun Flower Oil, Palm Oil, Soyabean Oil, Corn Oil, Rice Bran Oil etc and also used in minerals oils like transformer oil, wax refining.

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  • We have been doing business with FULLERTONE MINECHEM for over many years and have purchased products from them. They have always provided excellent quality items at competitive prices.

    Sadhana Gupta
  • Fullertone Mine Chem company that truly cares about their customers. Delivery is always on time and received in good condition. The sales and customer service staff are always friendly and helpful.

    Priya Menon
  • They provide great quality for the best prices that I have found in the business. I have been very happy with their work to date and recommend them highly.

    Akshay Aggarwal




We are looking forward for high growth rates in the coming years and you as a part of FULLERTONE MINECHEM would grow with us.

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